Using Your Embosser

Where can I use my embosser?

You can use your embosser to add  elegance to your product packaging, wedding stationery, envelopes, napkins, corporate documents and letters, certificates and scrolls, books, and even your everyday correspondences and greeting cards.

What types of paper can I use with my embosser?

You can use our embosser to emboss on paper with a weight of up to 180 gsm. 

How do I use my embosser?

Step 1 : Unlock the side locking mechanism by pushing it to the left

Step 2: Lift the handle

Step 3: Remove the design plate from the back of the device.  

4) Squeeze the design plate together and slide it into the device, making sure that the part marked UP - SIDE is facing upward. Continue pushing the plate in until you feel a click, indicating that the plate is in position.


How do I make an impression on paper?

Insert paper between the plates and squeeze (if held in hand) or push down on the handle (if used on a desk). Thicker paper requires more pressure.  It is best to use one sheet of paper at a time.

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